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If catches win matches, then careless hands cost runs.

Dropped catches come in many types. Firstly, there’s your common-or-garden fumble, like this one which gave Sehwag a repreive.

Then there’s the ‘celebrating too soon‘, which has afflicted even the great Brian Lara.

Lara has much reason to bemoan his luck with the dropped catch, especially as he also fell victim to another type, the ‘hope no-one saw it‘, when he was dismissed even though Steve Waugh hadn’t taken the ball cleanly.

If you do drop a catch, don’t do what Sreesanth did and follow it up with an overthrow. That could be decribed as a ‘salt in the wound’ drop, which just makes you look silly.

Of all the drops, though, the most feared is the ‘beer drop’. Avoid this at all costs.

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