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Mohammad Yousuf has made a century on his return to international cricket, making 112 for Pakistan as the tourists recovered from 80/4 to earn a first-innings lead of 50 runs in the First Test at Galle.

Notably, Pakistan continued to play the bowling of Ajantha Mendis well, with the spinner ending wicketless and going for 89 runs from 25 overs, including the runs which brought up both Yousuf’s half-century and the century itself.

Although the majority of the cricketing world’s attention is understandably taken up by the impending Ashes series, this finely-balanced Test is worth keeping an eye on – as is Yousuf, who is now only one ton behind Inzamam ul-Haq in Pakistan’s all-time ranking of century-makers (Yousuf also overtook Javed Miandad on the same list with today’s score).

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Inzamam ul-Haq could be amongst a host of Lahore Badshahs players about to take a bite of the Big Apple (or rather the big APL) as Jay Mir of the American Sports & Entertainment Group (me neither) plans an ‘American Premier League‘ Twenty20 tournament based at a converted baseball field in New York.

The last man to try and sell cricket to the Americans, of course, was Allen Stanford. The less said about that, I think, the better.

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It seems that the two Pakistans may be on a collision course – Inzamam ul Haq, of the Lahore Badshahs, has challenged his former teammates to a match. Whilst this sort of thing is guaranteed to make headlines and get people excited, I can’t really see the PCB agreeing to such a match, given their hostility to the ICL.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting idea, and there’s certainly an appetite for a confrontation between the two sides amongst Pakistani fans. If nothing else, the TV companies will be salivating.

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Whilst Pakistan’s official team have been in action against the West Indies, the unofficial Pakistan side that is the Lahore Badshahs have been busy winning the ICL.

Whilst the competition remains unsactioned, the presence of players such as Mohammad Yousuf and Inzamam-ul-Haq means that for many Pakistani cricket fans, the decisive game in the ICL Final series will have been more compelling than the official side’s dead rubber against the Windies over in Abu Dhabi.

Whether or not such things will ever be admitted by those in charge of the game is uncertain, but whilst there is an audience for it out there, the ICL shows no sign of disappearing, much to the chagrin of a number of national boards.

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More cult figures, this time from Pakistan. These ones are all top-class players as well (sort of):

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In honour of Graeme Smith and Neil McKenzie.

The biggest Test score of all, of course, was made by Brian Charles Lara, who was by all accounts quite good at scoring runs.

Others who have made the kind of Test scores that Graeme Smith can only dream of include Sanath Jayasuriya, Graham Gooch, Inzamam the ‘fighting potato‘ and Chris Gayle.

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In honour of that Aussie fella who’s calling it a day, here are the Ten Cricketers who Could Have You in a Fight:

  • Ian Botham. Obviously.
  • Andrew Symonds. He hunts wild animals with his bare hands. Do you? Thought not.
  • Inzamam-ul-Haq. A big man, but out of shape? Well, when a spectator called him a ‘potato’, Inzy went at him with a menace and vigour not normally associated with ‘larger’ gents. So maybe those fat jokes are best kept to yourself.
  • Ian Chappell. As Mike Brearley put it ,”..Ian Chappell as a captain turns a cricket match into gang warfare”. And the ‘Ugly Australians’ were quite a gang.
  • Shivnarine Chanderpaul. Shot a policeman in Guyana. Admittedly, Shiv had mistaken him for a mugger, but how many cricketers have revolvers?
  • Shoaib Akhtar. Especially if he was armed with a cricket bat (or indeed a cricket ball), or if you were one of his team-mates.
  • Adam Gilchrist. Looks like he’s just stepped out of a bar-room brawl, and often talks like it too. Although some in England have a sneaking suspicion he may be all mouth and no trousers, not many have taken the risk of finding out.
  • C B Fry. He played in an FA Cup final, held the long-jump world record, batted for England and was offered the throne of Albania. Chances are, he was probably quite handy in a fight as well.
  • Shahid Afridi. He, is , quite frankly, properly mental. Who knows what he’d be capable of in a fight?
  • Javed Miandad. Famously took on Dennis Lillee, with bat wielded “like a deranged javelin thrower”.
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