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Although many would suggest that their recent form in the World Twenty20 hardly merits it, Australia’s cricketers are set for a pay rise after the Australian Cricketers Association (ACA) and Cricket Australia agreed a new Memorandum of Understanding.

The move is being seen as motivated by a desire to stave off defections from the national side to a freelance (or, less generously, mercenary) existence of the sort that Andrew Symonds looks set to pioneer following his recent troubles.

It has also been revealed that the new deal will see the highest-paid player or players earn bonuses based on “their recognition and their popularity”, although reports that Ian Bell is strenuously lobbying the ECB against adopting a similar system are as yet unconfirmed.


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It seems bombs in Pakistan mean no tour, but bombs in India (where there is more money to be made) have no effect. At least according to the somewhat confused logic of Cricket Australia.

I’m hardly the first to mention this, but Pakistan once again seems to be tarred with the brush of ‘security concerns’ whilst India is not, which may or may not be a roundabout way of saying that bombs are less scary if you are being offered a large wad of cash.

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Following the launch of the IPL, the BCCI (in collaboration with Cricket South Africa, the PCB, Cricket Australia and the ECB) is planning a Twenty20 Champions League for October this year (possibly to be held in England).

On the face of it, given what some people (including a large part of myself) think about the footballing equivalent, this may not necessarily be A Good Thing, and may mean the Death of Domestic Cricket.

The parallels with football, though, may not be very useful. To start with, the footballers involved in UEFA’s competition are only associated with one team. This is clearly not the case for, say, Dimitri Mascarenhas, who is contracted both to Hampshire and to the Rajasthan Royals, or David Hussey of Victoria, Nottinghamshire and the Kolkatta Knight Riders.

Most likely, the ‘Champions League’ will be more interesting than the Champions Trophy, but it will probably not supercede the domestic game (or at least, not domestic 20-over circket) to quite the same degree that its footballing namesake has.

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Well, I couldn’t avoid writing about it forever. The Australia – India Test series was actually quite good, but now everyone involved has come out of it badly.

Symonds, it was revealed, was needlessly aggressive towards Singh when the latter patted Brett Lee on the back (which used to be A Good Thing, didn’t it?), and never managed to earn much sympathy from neutral observers.

Singh has confirmed suspicions that he is a bit of a wally. He can’t even be defended on cricketing grounds, as his figures in the Test series were pretty poor.

The guys in charge came out perhaps the worst. Cricket Australia is facing accusations of selling out its players for the sake of political and financial expendiency. As for the BCCI, they basically threw a temper tantrum until things were resolved to their satisfaction.

Of course, the ICC hardly helped. Their stock has fallen further and faster in recent years than Northern Rock’s, and they show no sign of getting their act together anytime soon.

If all that is a touch depressing, here’s a more positive ‘monkey’ story.

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