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What might turn out to be the future of Test cricket is taking shape with the news that Bangladesh and England are set to play a Day-Night Test– assuming that the ICC agrees.

The MCC’s World Cricket Committee is set to meet ICC representatives in November to discuss the idea, which could include the use of coloured balls and maybe even a change of clothing for the players.

With the longest form of the game seemingly under constant threat, ideas like this could be the way forward, but those involved will have to be careful that they don’t end up losing the ‘traditional’ elements of the Test format that make it such a unique spectacle. Ultimately, it will be the attitude that the ICC (and, realistically, the BCCI) takes to this development which will be crucial.

It’s also nice to see the MCC at the forefront of new developments, giving the lie to the organisation’s reputation for conservativism.

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This ICL versus IPL business, which should by now have surely been laid to rest, rumbles on. Should the Northamptonshire Steelbacks beat Sussex in their Twenty20 Cup semi-final on Saturday, they would normally have been expected to fill one of England’s spots in the Twenty20 Champions League (or the Champions League T20, or the Champions Twenty20 League, or whatever), but the inclusion in their squad of Nicky Boje, Andrew Hall and Johan van der Wath means that Lalit Modi won’t let them play.

Boje, Hall and van der Wath are all ‘tainted’ by their association with the ICL, which is viewed by the BCCI as ‘unauthorised cricket’. “Champions League rules are very clear that no team with players connected to any unauthorised cricket can be a part of it,” said Modi, possibly whilst stroking a cat and plotting world domination.

‘Unauthorised cricket’ makes it sound a bit like the trio had been skipping school to hone their forward defensives, or carelessly practising their in-swingers in an area containing a ‘No Ball Games‘ sign.

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Less than a month before its scheduled start, the second season of the Indian Premier League is still in danger of postponement. The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs has told the BCCI that it “may not be feasible to play matches as per the [re-]submitted schedule” owing to fears that sufficient security may not be available due to the requirement of the country’s central security forces to maintain order during the country’s upcoming elections.

This means, in all likelihood, that the IPL will have to reschedule for a second time (having already done so earlier this month), increasing the financial and political pressure which the tournament is under given the global economic situation and recent events in Pakistan.

If a big-name player withdraws from the IPL on security grounds, a chain reaction could start which would see the competition seriously devalued (and literally so in the case of sponsorship), so it is in everyone’s interests to get the security arrangements right. The fact that cricket is now seen as a target by some terrorist groups makes it likely that the safety of the subcontinent will be judged by many based on the security of the IPL’s 2009 season.

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In this season of goodwill to all, the ICC seem to have extended an olive branch to the rebel Indian Cricket League by holding talks with Subhash Chandra, the ICL’s owner.

Meetings like this have been held before, of course, but notable this time was the presence of former BCCI president and current ICC vice-president Sharad Pawar. This may be an indication of a softening in stance from the previously hard-line BCCI.
I think most cricket fans would like to see this issue resolved now, and I hope that meetings such as this will help bring about an end to the international exile and leper-like status imposed on the likes of Mohammad Yousuf and Shane Bond.

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Following Lancashire‘s decision to ditch Stuart Law, their ICL-tainted captain, Surrey have announced that they will be releasing Saqlain Mushtaq due to the spinner’s Indian Cricket League links.

Far from a thawing in BCCI-ICL relations, the Indian Board seems as intent as ever on eliminating ICL-connected players from county cricket. The counties, keen to curry favour in the hope of opening up the EPL to Indian players (which will mean more money for the counties themselves), are happy to go along with this, especially if they otherwise face the threat of exclusion from lucrative events like the Twenty20 Champions League.

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Sri Lanka’s tour of England has fallen victim to a combination of the IPL and the political machinations of the BCCI.

Does this signal a shift in priorities on the subcontinent? The death of Test cricket has been long heralded, and Twenty20 is certainly making the headlines at the moment with the Stanford Dash for Cash and talk of an ICL-IPL merger. Personally, I’d take the longer form of the game any day of the week, but it seems many in Sri Lanka (and of course India) disagree.

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ICC vs ICL: update

The ICL, which has been hounded by the BCCI, wants official status. The ICC has agreed to a meeting.

The BCCI are probably livid. The BCCI are always livid. How dare anyone else make any money from cricket in India?

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